Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition: My Take

I have finally hot my copy of Guinness World Records Gaming Edition 2009. I must say it’s a good follow-up to last year. Nothing has radically changed, but it has enough stuff for it not to be just a copy of the 2008 edition.

One of the most noticeable addition is the section for Guinness World Records: The Video Game. Anyone who obtained a world record in that game and submitting it via Wi-Fi, were actually acknowledges as Guinness World Record holders. A nice addition to the book.

The pro gaming section was alright. At least it acknowledged that that pro gamin originated in the 80’s. They even managed to cover pro gaming in Asia, which the first book was lacking.
The top arcade games of all time got replaced by the to console games of all time. I guess we can expect a top PC games list for 2010.

The Twin Galaxies Record Breakers is back for this year. I have the same complaints as last year: Guinness didn’t seem to take a strong consideration to which score would get put into the book. (My name is among the list of record breakers but my opinions remain the same.)

Gamer’s Edition 2009 is a good follow up. If you already have the book but like to have the updated version you will have no problem with this book. To those who haven’t read either book at all 2009 is a good place to start.


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