I’m now in 2nd place

I have found out on Twin Galaxies that my Wii Sports Home Run Derby score got beaten. By only fifteen feet. (http://www.twingalaxies.com/index.aspx?c=22&pi=70&gi=6468&vi=24044)

My score had been number one for over a year. I must admit that I thought that it would stay up there until I’m ready to record a 6000 foot run. I guess I have to cut the off time and get back to work.

Don’t worry. Jeffrey Widzinski may have the score for now but it will be mine at the end.

WGC Ultimate Gamer Show & Forum

I know I’m a week late but it’s been quite a week for me.

I watched WCG Ultimate Gamer. I must say that I haven’t thought much about it when it was on TV but it grew on me thanks to the forums and the web exclusives. Seeing it again on YouTube helped me analyzed what happened on the first episode.

The the extras on for the show were entertaining to watch. I think the funniest was The Dante Hair System so far. Prod1gy’s commentary for his elimination round with J.D. was good to listen to. I will be looking forward to the new stuff in later weeks.

The Ultimate Gamer forum is thriving well right now. Not only fans but some of the contestants are posting as well. Much of it was praise but there have been some bad talk among a few posters. Fortunately, cooler heads and higher class prevailed. I posted this one thread where I attempt to go into contestant Swoozie’s mind on why he picked J.D. to go against Prod1gy in elimination. I think that’s my best post yet.

A new episode is coming up tomorrow and I will most certainly not miss that.

RLW Blogs Update (March 8, 2009)

The last few day have been interesting on a few point. Did a few thing. Found out about a few things.

I’m have been playing Gears of War 2 for a month now. I’m not claiming to be an expert but I do think I have improved fairly considering my experience. When somebody asked why didn’t my rank have yet to improve. Personally I don’t really believe in online ranking systems but whatever.

I went to Brooklyn for to play Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV. I spent some time in training more to practice Ryu’s Shoryuken then EX Focus Dash into Ultra Combo. I keep trying it but my left hand keeps on messing up on the fireball motions. I kept on doing Dragon Punch -> EX Focus Dash Cancel -> EX Fireball… Dragon Punch -> EX Focus Dash Cancel -> EX Dragon Punch… The closest I got was a finish with a Super Combo, something that can’t be done in a real SF4 game because the EX focus cancel empties two stock of super. I just wish I had a good arcade stick at home so I can practice.

I have posted a Capcom-Unity blog about people who jack up the prices of arcade sticks on ebay. It got a comment from Sven the mod and stated that new shipments of Mad Catz FightSticks will be coming soon. At least somebody listened to me.

I found out that the WCG US team will be holding online qualifiers staring April. I really want to qualify for Virtua Fighter 5 but I still don’t have the arcade stick I need. I hope I can find one decently made decently price stick by next month.

They have put up the bio’s and audition videos for all the contestants in WCG Ultimate Gamer, including Prod1gy X and on of the newest VOA Mrs Violence. Prod1gy mentioned Empire Arcadia in his audition video. Good job in representing in the show and the show hadn’t even started yet. I signed up at the Ultimate Gamer forum at SciFi.com hopefully more people will give the show the push it needs.

I went to Chinatown to play Street Fighter IV. I first started out with Ryu but then I gave Balrog a try. I hadn’t really played with Balrog but I think I can do good with him. I think I will pick him up.

I have a few things I need to attend to this coming week so we’ll see how those go.

– Lance

Since virtuall every store has been sold out of the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightSticks shortly after they all came out, I decided to give eBay a to see if I could find it there. You usuall find stuff the for close to the same price in retail. Sometimes even less than that!

But not this time.

When I searched for Mad Catz FightStick I couldn’t find a single one that was even close to the retail price. One Tournament Edition FightStick is going for $380! And looking for as Standard FightStick is just as bad. Those are going as high as $130 plus! That almost as much as the suggested retail price for the Tournament Edition!

I know the economy is bad but nothing condones buying a product at retail price and selling it for more than double that what it’s really worth. Let the people who actually want to use it buy the Joystick for the proper price. Let’s not repeat the whole PlayStation 3 crap all over again.

WCG Ultimate Gamer: 7 Days Away!

In case anyone missed the memo. WCG Ultimate Gamer will premier one week from tonight. It’s kinda a big deal considering this is the first reality game show to be based around video games.

In Ultimate Gamer, 12 contestants will all share one house and combat real-life challenges based on certain video games such as Rock Band, Halo 3, a other popular titles. And yes the actual games will be implemented into the competition. The winner of the show will get $100,000 and a Samsung prize package. He/she would also be the face of World Cyber Games.

The show is hosted by Hanah Simone and Joel Gourdin.

The show premiers next Tuesday, March 10 at 10:00 Eastern and 9:00 Central on SciFi, right after WWE Wrestling.

The find out more about WCG Ultimate Gamer got to www.wcgultimategamer.com and www.scifi.com

GameStop Tournament: Wolfen Gets Put Down

Saturday after last I qualified in a Street Fighter IV tournament at GameStop and was invited to go to Valley Stream for the next round.

I went there, only to play badly. Got eliminated early.

I must admit that I haven’t been playing my best. I wasn’t connecting my supers and Ultras like I was in the first round. And I was failed to block many attacks I should have blocked easliy. I must admit that although I have been playing Street Fighter all my life, I’m still green in competitive Street Fighter.

Now I’m officially done with the GameStop tournament, I can take care of some personal matters and shop for the proper arcade stick I need to compete. I may attend round 3 as a spectator but that’s it.

I feel like I disappointed EMP in not qualifying for the third round. But I’m a quick learner and the Wolf will emerge from this only bettter.