SFIV National Championship

This weekend GameStop held the finals for their Final for the Street Fighter IV National Championships. The winner: (surprise, surprise) Justin Wong. His skillfully played Rufus overcame a field of 16 regional champions.

But it does not stop there! After Justin won the national title he fought in a round robin with special guests Poongko, Iyo, and Daigo (yes, that Daigo). Justin and Daigo both have the best record for the round robin and would fight for the world title.

Justin tried hard to put down his rival but Daigo managed to taked down the Rufus that gave everybody a hard time.

For coverage of the event including pictures and videos you can go to http://www.kineda.com/justin-wong-wins-sfiv-national-tournament-and-daigo-wins-international-title/. I’m sure you will find out more info about what happened on Capcom Unity.

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