E3 2009 Thoughts

Like I promised I will give my take on some of the stuff shown on E3. I wasn’t there for E3 so I can’t really do a full fledged review or recap. But I can at least go from what I have read about what was shown at E3. And yes I have read up what went on at E3.

Motion Controls on all systems – Microsoft and Sony saw Nintendo’s success with the Wii motion and come up with their own answer. In the meantime Nintendo improves.

Project Natal seems to have some promise. The game tracking your body movements as well and facial expression all without a gamepad is pretty damn impressive. Sony wand controller seems okay but I think Natal is steps beyond Sony’s motion control. Nintendo Wii already have motion control but Wii motion plus will make it even better so they should be phased out instantly.

One advantage Nintendo has is that the with Wii customers will not have to pay too much for the Motion Plus but I can’t imagine 360 and PS3 users can’t won’t be that lucky. The PS wand needs the eye camera just to work. Xbox 360 was originally not made for motion control meaning that all the motion control guts will be inside that Natal device. Not gonna be cheap.

Fight Night Round 4 has made Best of E3 Winner for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and overall sports categories. I have been waiting for this game and I will certainly enjoy the hell out of it. I downloaded the free demo and played a few matches. I like what they did with the controls and what know. The knockdown recover will take some getting used to. I will definitely look forward to this game.

I played the first Red Steel it was nothing worth doin cartwheels over. But seeing the video and reading brief reviews, Red Steel 2 improves in virtually every way possible. And yes, this game does have Wii Motion Plus.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is making a comeback via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. It will be nice to relive the glory days. It’s direct decendant Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, the game many thought would never see a realease outside of Japan will finally hit the US late 2009. It’ll be great ladies and gentlemen.

Metroid M was announced. It’s gonna be made by Team Ninja. That calls for a lot of hype. But one thing people are forgetting is that key person Tomonobu Itagaki is not in the company. In fact, a lot of the people who were staffed with Tomonobu Itagaki bounced. Don’t get me wrong, I hope this becomes a good game, but it’s impossible for me to see this game as another Star Fox Assault but with an E3 Trailer.

There have been many game introduced during E3 so. Madden 10 as in (2010), Bayonetta, Halo 3 ODST, Mordern Warfare 2, Wii Sports Resort, God of War 3, Milo. Lots of them. If I wrote about each game this post would never end.

Hopefully I can actually go to E3 for myself and give a proper review of everything that happened.

Funspot 11

Triforce invited me to go with him to Funspot 11 and it was the offer I couldn’t refuse. This was my second Funspot tournament and I was ready to live retain the reputation I have earned last year.

On Thursday night I met up with Triforce and Kubuu. In the morning we left to pick up Wes and Justin and then we were officially off.(We got a van for this year. Last year we too the Greyhound. I rode shotgun and stayed awake for most of the ride. The hilarious punchlines from Justin, Wes, and Triforce.

Once we got to NH first thing we did was take a look at the condo were were staying at. It more like an apartment-like condo compared to the cottage-type area we stayed in. We didn’t take long too to check the place out because we only had two days to do our scores.

The moment I walked into the arcade I felt much different than my first Funspot visit last year. I was less starstruck now. There were people who knew who I was. And I would get asked to sign Twin Galaxies books. I liked the new feeling.

I walked around to play the different games. I didn’t have much pressure to set a new record since I already have one that stood up for last year. I did try to go for the NBA JAM TE blowout record, though. I was on pace to actually beat it but the computer wanted to be started being a poopy head and closed the lead. I decided to save my quarters to play something else.

We touched base with Rudy Chavez, whom first met Empire Arcadia at last year’s E For All. He helped Triforce with some of the few trouble area in Mercs. Both players maxed out the game and then later teamed up with Graham Ogilvie to post up a team score.

When the arcade closed we headed back to our “condo” and we to rest up and Rudy Chavez tagged along. I immediately got out my Wii to play some Punch-Out to work on some Punch-Out times. The “Ohio Refs”, Dennis, Russel, J.D., and Dan, gave us a visit to play some games with us. They watched me deliver super quick Von Kaiser (contender) KO which was just over 29 seconds. Which became the official Twin Galaxies record. I also got to play Williams Pinball, and Mario Strikers Charged. It was good moment.

At the start of the next day I received some bad news that my time for First Kaiser was beaten by Russel. Can’t do much about it now. So I went on to the machines. I was later asked by Stephen Nichols to watch him play a game called Leprechaun. He posted a top 4 score. Very impressive. Wes and Kubuu were working on some Smash Bros. Scores. In between Smash games Wes tried to go for today’s mystery game Spectar, or “Pac-Man with a gun”, as how Wes described it. He got 50,000 points, which is quite good. I suggested he officially submitted the score but I don’t know if he did.

Another score I helped watch was Gorf. I don’t know the guy’s name but he scored in the 700,000’s, beating Todd’s golden age score. I’m glad I was summoned to view a portion of his score.

After the Gorf score was set Walter Day gathered us referees for a group photo. After that I got invited to dinner at a restaurant with Mappy record holder Greg Bond and the Crams. During the meal we talked about various topics such as video games, weather climate, and break dancing (Greg’s hidden talent). I enjoyed the dinner. I’m glad I came along.

After dinner I rejoined the rest of Empire back at the arcade for the last hour of arcade time. Since we couldn’t stay for Sunday, I decided to use my last tokens on Tetris with gaming queen Christian Cram watching. When the arcade closed for the night we headed back to the condo. I went straight back to playing Punch-Out!! while the rest of the crew picked up food. I later got a visit from…shot, a whole lot of people. I let them in and went on with working on getting my First Kaiser record. I had a few close ones but I finally squeezed in a 28 second time with milliseconds separating me and Russell. Triforce and the rest of EMP came back with the food and I told them the good news. After the brief celebration, a full blown session commenced. Of course Justin, Triforce, and I held up the Empire name while Kubuu and Wes slept through it all. :-/

On Sunday, after a shower and a breakfast of leftover pizza, I left the condo with the rest of the group and stopped by the arcade to say goodbye to everyone. (That was when I found out I lost the Kaiser record again!) After that we made hopped in the van and headed back home.

The trip to Funspot 11 was fun and I enjoyed chilling with familiar faces and competing. I’m glad I got to play this year.