My Take on ECA Vs. Obama

On July 27th, The ECA started a letter-writing campaign to show President Barack Obama their disapproval of his so-called anti-video game statements. Necessary? I think not.

ECA-run GamePolitics opened their announcement of the for, letter by saying this:

If you’re a regular GamePolitics reader, you know that President Barack Obama often refers to video games as something to be set aside in favor of presumably more worthwhile pursuits. In the most recent example, Obama, speaking at the NAACP’s 100th anniversary dinner, counseled African-American parents to put away the Xbox.

What are the pursuits that are “presumably” more worthwhile than playing a video you ask? Let’s go to Obama’s NAACP 100th Anniversary speech, the same speech from which ECA quoted the “put away the Xbox” statement. He gives us a few examples of what goal young blacks should shoot for.

They might think they’ve got a pretty good jump shot or a pretty good flow, but our kids can’t all aspire to be the next LeBron or Lil Wayne. I want them aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors and teachers, not just ballers and rappers. I want them aspiring to be a Supreme Court Justice. I want them aspiring to be President of the United States.

In short The ECA is shunning President Obama for suggesting black parents to cut down their kids’ time on video games in order to study in hopes to be doctor, teacher, politician. I’m sorry ECA, but those are not “presumably worthwhile goals”, they are worthwhile goals period. Don’t get it twisted. I love playing video games, but I see no problem in sacrificing leisure time for more time studying for a top-notch education.

ECA Online Advocacy Manager Brett Schenker writes about this “action campaign”, stating:

We know video games can promote fitness. We know games can educate, because we’ve experienced that first hand.

There are certain video games that do promote education and/or fitness. But with like most forms of media they are in the minority. The majority of today’s entertainment, be it video games, film, music, etc., is just simply entertainment.

And finally you get to send President Obama your disaproval of him suggesting to parent to moderate the kids gaming time. You can personalize the letter to say whatever you want or you can use the message already in the text box:

…I think that you’ll find that the video game community is quite vibrant and active…

Just ignore the people who curse you out in the forums and Xbox Live. They don’t count.

With the recent launch of the Nintendo Wii…

Recent? Something that happened three years ago is recent?

…We have taken the next step in physical immersion in video games. Nintendo has made it a part of their system and known to the masses that video games allow us to be physically active and no longer tethered to our couches.

Except for a few games such as Wii Fit and EA Sports Active, most Wii games can be played SITTING DOWN. I think they are overselling the issue, but, whatever.

I hope this letter will allow you to think about video games and the gaming community in a new light and that you’ll rethink their inclusion in future speeches.

Yes…yes… Maybe in his next speech he will say, “Parents, make sure your kids play video games until they fall asleep on top of their controllers, then, if time permits do a little bit of homework and study.” Would that satisfy you, ECA?

I think people are making too big a deal out a three-second sentence from a 30 minute speech. The ECA should find better stuff to do than make a big deal over a few one-sentence “statements” about video games.

If you want to hear the President’s full speech you can find it here.

EA Sports Challenge

Just yesterday MLG announced that they partnered with Electronic Arts to bring to the masses the EA Sports Challenge Series. Judging from the promotional stuff, the game list will include Madden NFL, NBA Live, and Fight Night. Nothing announced officially though.

I would like to enter for Fight Night but they say it will be PS3 only. If the only way to qualify is online and no store qualifiers than I will be in trouble. No PS3. If there were store qualifiers I wouldn’t mind the PS3 controller. But if the only way to qualify is through PSN then it will be a major problem trying to qualify.

“Only On PlayStation” stuff aside, I think it’s good to see good MLG supporting competition on EA titles. I personally hope EA Sports Challenge becomes a success.

Didn’t Win Fight Night

I didn’t do well. In the district round for Fight Night yesterday. On my first match I play in in-your-face Ali against my Foreman. I was doing okay at the beginning. Well at least I thought was until I got KO’s 1st round. 2nd Round I managed to win but third I got knocked down a second time. Third round I took another knockdown. Then forth round I took a finally got put down. I got outplayed. I have faded most poor passive Alis online and I simply didn’t know how to play a more active Ali.

Well I”m officially done with the GameStop tournament. Gotta get back to doing Twin Galaxies stuff. I may apply to ProGamingTraining.Com as an “Elite” player, which mainly means non-pro. Hopefully there will be more Fight Night tournaments. The World Series of Video Games once hosted Round 3. Maybe a league will host Fight Night in future.

Ready! Box!

Well I made survived round 1 of the GameStop Fight Night tournament. Only one the person showed up. And yes I did win. The person wanted to pick Manny Pacquiao, who is to light to fight a heavyweight in this game. I decided to pick Roy Jones, Jr. to avoid an agument. I was nervous big time. That its until my Light Heavyweight destroyed destroyed his Welterweight. I know you guys wanted to hear about me going through a crowd of 32 people or so but this was the hand I was dealt. I’m not sugar-coating it. Hopefully more people will show up in the furter round and I will get to really show my stuff. Got all week to prepare.

Speaking of which. I’m really seeing online play for what it is. Thing such as perfect blocking and coutnering and skillfull evading occasionally falls to aimless thumbstick flicking. This lag crap is making people think they good. One fight some guy was talking shit during the fight. Ironically, I knocked him out AND I was leading in the scorecards. Makes me yearn for real face to face comepetion.

Since we are on the topic of boxing, I was found out that Nintendo released an add-on to Punch-Out!! called Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! The downside? Only plaitinum Club Nintendo can get it. It lools like Doc wasn’t kidding when he said to join. I’m gonna see if there is any other way Nintendo will offer this.

Okay. Gotta get back to practicing for the round 2 Saturday. Wish me luck!

Fight Night Tournament Tomorrow!

I have been training hard for the last few months for this. Tomorrow is round 1. If I do well I will get to compete in round 2 and hopefully 3. If I win 3 I will get to go to Vegas to play for $5,000 plus a championship.

Since I can’t can’t compete with the actual people so I have to settle for online play. It has helped me improve but it’s has come to the point where I the bulk of my fight are easy wins. I wish I had tougher opponents to train with. I just hope I don’t come across the training first tomorrow afternoon.

… I wonder if anyone had practicing on the player 2 side. EA should have set it up where you can chose to play on that side online. I played on player 2 side against the CPU so I wouldn’t get too thrown off if I’m forced to play P2.

If you guys want to play in the Fight Night tournament go and find the a hosting store that’s close to you.

Wish me luck!

Been Busy

I know I have been lagging in the blog posts but that is not because of laziness. In fact I have been so busy an the next several week will pretty much be the same way.

First off I was at Wiimbledon last weekend and it was vicious. Consistent power serves and insane returns were the norm. Don’t let the costumes fool you. The first place finisher wore a Cobra Kai uniform. I lasted three matches. The organized definitely needed a laptop with TIO because they don’t know how to make a bracket.

Of course the Twin Galaxies takes quite a bit of my time. I get tape sent to me periodically. There is no a huge pile but I will knock them down before the bin gets huge.

I signed up for the Fight Night tournament at GameStop so all that is left is the training. I don’t have anyone to play against in the Rockaway so I’m forced to practice online. The competion is rediculously soft. I have had LOTS of quick knockdowns win and LOTS of them disconnected when I was winning. The kinda can work against because you tend to slouch on you gameplay, something you can’t afford to do when facing somebody good.

I finally finished my first draft of the article I plant to submit to 1-Up Zine. I plan to polish tomorrow. Hopefull it will be on issue 4.

That’s pretty much it for this post. But before I sign off let me share a video I saw today. It’s Michael Jackson tribute video made by MarzGurl with a song her mother wrote. Enjoy.