Wii Sports Resort Skydiving Walkthrough

This guide will hopefully help you boost up you score for the Skydiving game in Wii Sports Resort. Now please don’t assume that reading this will make you able to pull off 200-point games instantly. Practice along with knowing what to do is key.

Game Objective:

The game is not too complicated. Once you jump out the plane you star grouping with skydivers, grabbing fellow divers and posing for a pictures. You get bonus points for each smile you catch. If your diver catches four others you the TWO photo ops, the regular one where you are to catch the smiles your screen and the second one where the diver smile for the photographer. When you fall a certain distance you will go into form up phase. You will see three rings below you. When you go through each ring your formation gets more people. After that is one last photo op.


The controls are pretty much straightforward. The Wii Remote will represent your diver. Tilt forward to move forward, back to move back, and so on. Be careful because tilting all the way will make you fall faster.

The Plan:

The key tactic for skydiving is to go for perfect catches, doubling your photo ops. For the regular picture make sure all the divers’ smiling faces are shown are your screen, and when the photographer shows up make sure you have everyone face her. The first few formations are the easiest since there are falling and the same level. But with some groups the some divers will be higher than others. Go for the highest most FIRST then work your way down. It’s not easy trying to catch somebody above you.

Form Up!

When it’s time to form up you will three rings. Go through all three of them in order to get the full formation. During the final photo op flip the Wii Remote buttons down to make everybody smile at the camera. Game complete.
That sums up the walkthrough for Wii Sports Resort Skydiving. Good luck on your scores.

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