WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 Auditions

Last Saturday I auditioned for the WCG Ultimate Gamer 2. I did quite a bit preparations to get ready for the auditions. I picked out an outfit that made me stand out from everybody else. I thought it helped me stand out from the bunch. I would have bought a Wii shirt from the store but I wound up not getting that. I didn’t really “train” for the audition because of my two jobs, but I already knew what games were gonna be there because of the Facebook posts from the LA auditons. They were Modern Warfare 2 and Street Fighter IV, which I already play and consider myself enough good not to worry about it, and Forza 3, for which I simply played the demo a few times and called it a day. I was so sure I was gonna make it far I sent for a rush delivered passport so I would have it in time for the show. I was thinking about certain questions casting might ask me and coming up with some answer so I don’t trip up if somebody asks me a surprise question.

When I got to the Samsung Experience and stood in line. The casting staff insisted that they were looking for people with both personality. Fine by me. I felt that I could outplay most of the crowd no matter what game were in auditions. And when it comes to personality, I’m not exactly Caffeine Free Coke. They also recommend letting your personality out when you are playing by interacting, thrash-talking etc. Huh? For starters we were playing against the computer so it was pointless trash talking. And I would LOVE to see how one would interact with somebody who is not even in the same game as you. When I play in a tournament, or during a record attempt, I don’t say pretty much. It doesn’t mean I have no personality. I’m just trying to put full focus into my game.

Game 1: Forza 3

When I went up to the station, the car was pre-selected for me and I was told to just start the race. I did okay with the car that I had in the demo but the car I was made to use drives completely different. Turning was a disaster. I couldn’t get a good finish so I settled for finishing in reverse to give the judges some to think about… and even reversing was a hassle. Later in the day I found out that the car used for auditions was a front wheel drive and has its engine in the rear. No wonder why that thing was hard to drive.

Game 2: Modern Warfare 2

He we played a Sec-op mission O Cristo Redentor on Hardened. Casting gave us a two minute and thirty second time limit, so we had to chose between rushing in and getting killed early and waiting for shots and use up time. I managed to beat 10 enemies under these conditions. I wish I could have played against a person, but whatever.

Game 3: Street Fighter IV

Nothing thing much to talk about. Beat one computer opponent on hard. Whoopee.

After I was done with that it was time for me to get interviewed. I told them about my self and what I have been doing in gaming. I showed — not told — showed them that I was in Guinness Gamers Edition for Soul Cailbur IV, season 1’s final game. The interview ended with the casting director saying they would call me if the wanted me for tomorrow. I didn’t get that call.

I thought about making this post a gigantic rant about I how I should be on the show over person A or Person B, but there is enough of that on the web already, and I’m trying to cut down on that personally. I played my best. I answered the questions the best I could. I supposed they didn’t have a spot I could fill for UG2. I all can do is wish everyone who is still in the running well and prepare myself for season 3 auditions.