First to Pass 20 in Wii Sports Baseball!

Remember that score I said I sent in that I was ultra proud of? It got verified yesterday!

Over the weekend I taped a Wii Sports Baseball game where I scored 24-0 against the computer. I am the very first gamer to have a verified 20+ Wii Sports Baseball Blowout score with Twin Galaxies.

I also have a 20 point Wii Sports Resort Basketball 3-on-3 score from last year to go with that. I am calling my accomplishments the Wii Sports 20/20 blowouts, first ever gamer to have that in TG.

And to top everything off, I have my very first Tetris World Record! I recorded a 31.28-second CPU battle. I’ve been looking to get a Tetris record. Now I finally have one!

I have some more score to be verified so be on the lookout for those, too!

Different Levels of a Gamer

I written this list to briefly describe the different levels one could achieve in a video game. Please take note that this by no means an exact scale and it doesn’t cover in-between stuff. So please don’t take it TOO serious and feedback is welcome. Continue reading

SOS Gamers Doing Good

Recently, there has been some negative stuff surrounding the gaming world such as the Korean E-Sports scandal. But this weekend gamers in New York will get to remind critics of the good they are capable of.

This Sunday in Queens, not-for-profit organization SOS Gamers will be hosting a gaming event called Gaming Charitably, which will benefit the March of Dimes Foundation. The event will be running Super Street Fighter IV and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

If tournament play is not what you are into, you can play other games in the casual play area. There is something for you to enjoy whether or not you are in a tourney and you will be helping out a great cause!

For more information about this event, go to!/event.php?eid=108042065899520&ref=ts or send them an email.

Some Weekend

Well the past weekend have been quite interesting, to say the least.

This weekend was East Coast Throwdown 2 in NJ. They had a stream, but I missed a lot of it because of work. I did get to see some of it on both days. I like the action but it wasn’t as satisfying as seeing the whole thing. I’ll settle for watching the matches on YouTube.

Saturday before work I was filling up a tape before I send it out. Some of the scores I’m quite proud of but there is a certain one I that I’ve really put my heart and soul in. I know this my seem arrogant but I see it as a milestone. Well we’ll see once it gets verified.

Sunday was the last day for the WCG Ultimate Gamer polls. The final results were pretty much a landslide: 54/23/23 giving Jake the win over Dana and Tunesha. Some people are getting salty about how Jake got over half the vote. But he DID campaign hard the whole week. He had T-shirts. T-Shirts!

Well, I still have some stuff to do and I don’t have much time to waste. I’ll let everyone know when my new scores are up.

Happy Birthday PAC-MAN!

Ever sent a video game character a birthday card? Well today is a good time to start. Pac-Man is turning 30. And if any video game character deserves a birthday card, it’s definitely gold wonder.

Pac-Man was released in Japan on May of 1980 with birth name Puckman, describing his round body, and then later in US with his more popular name. Pac-Man was tremendously popular in arcades in the 1980’s and was hard to get away from. Not only did Pac-Man create the maze genre, making ways for “clones” like Lady Bug, Thief, and Mouse Trap, he inspired a hit song, cartoons, toys, cereals, and other countless pieces of merchandise. A huge number sequels and spin-offs cashed in on the craze. The most notable follow-up by far was American-born Ms. Pac-Man, which even outsold her better half.

Pac-Man’s birthday does not come without presents. Google honored the video game phenom by putting up an interactive version of their homepage where you can chase Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde through a maze in the shape of a the search engine’s name. And to top it all off the International Video Game Hall of Fame announced it Pac-Man as their first video game inductee.

Here’s how the birthday cards comes into play. Walter Day took it upon himself to start a Facebook page encouraging everyone to send off birthday cards for Pac-Man so they can be presented as part of the induction ceremony.

So If you are interested in sending Pac-Man a card, go to and send them to the posted address. Edible gifts not recommended.

Battlefield Arcadia XV

Last weekend I have attended Battlefield Arcadia XV. I played both the Tetris Party and Street Fighter IV tournaments. In practice I seem to produce better results for Tetris than I do in Street Fighter. In SF I tend to  get frustrated and play worse when I’m behind. In Tetris I don’t have the problem. If I lose a game in Tetris I just keep playing.

The Tetris Party tournament had 8 people, obviously not as much as the Street Fighter tournament. I think I played well for my first Tetris tournament. I made third place, only losing matches to the first and second place finishers. In those two losses made some errors in stacking that wound up costing me big time. I have definitely learned how to play under the pressure of tournament play (at least for Tetris).

Next is the Street Fighter IV tourney. When it was time for me to play I had to face a Blanka. What happened in the match? Well, this happened:

When I lost the first fight in the match I suppose I lost my cool and played Blanka even worse. My frustration apparently carried over to a match I had with a Rose player because I kept making vital errors and crapped out the tourney early.

I stayed around and saw some pretty good matches from would-be competitors for East Coast Throwdown. You can catch some of the matches on And congratulations to Sanford Kelly who took down Arturo Sanchez in the finals. It was nice watching the action up front and I look forward to going to another Street Fighter tournament in NYC soon.

Ultimate Gamer 2: The Final Contestant

The casting for WCG Ultimate Gamer is complete! Well, almost. There is one spot still open and WCG is letting us, the viewers, to pick who gets in. From May 18 to May 23, is hosting a poll where fans of the show can vote for on of three gamers.

The first contestant hopeful is Dana Pirkle aka J for Jade . She is known for competing in the Halo and Call Of Duty series and originally in the PMS Clan and has taken part in other organizations such such as Team Foxy, Empire Arcadia, and a few others. She has also has been interviewed by a lot of gaming websites, the most notable probably being’s Gamer’s Spotlight.

If the suffix in Jake Fister’s gamertag Thirstee321 sounds familiar, it’s not by accident. He is part of the part of Countdown321, the crew formed by last season’s contestant Jamal Nickens aka Zophar321. Jamal actually invited Jake to audition for season 1 but Jake declined, a decision that has haunted him all year.

Gamer number 3 is Tunesha Davis who carries the gamertag xCHICKAMUNGUSx. She is in contention to be a Frag Doll and has attended tournaments in MLG and CPL. One of the subscribers to her YouTube account is none other than Season 1 contestant and seasoned YouTuber Swoozie. She seems to have a sweet tooth for both shooting and fighting games.

You can vote for any of the three at Remember you can only vote once every sixty minutes on whichever device so make sure you use them wisely.