Ultimate Gamer 2: The Final Contestant

The casting for WCG Ultimate Gamer is complete! Well, almost. There is one spot still open and WCG is letting us, the viewers, to pick who gets in. From May 18 to May 23, wcgultimategamer.com is hosting a poll where fans of the show can vote for on of three gamers.

The first contestant hopeful is Dana Pirkle aka J for Jade . She is known for competing in the Halo and Call Of Duty series and originally in the PMS Clan and has taken part in other organizations such such as Team Foxy, Empire Arcadia, and a few others. She has also has been interviewed by a lot of gaming websites, the most notable probably being Xbox.com’s Gamer’s Spotlight.

If the suffix in Jake Fister’s gamertag Thirstee321 sounds familiar, it’s not by accident. He is part of the part of Countdown321, the crew formed by last season’s contestant Jamal Nickens aka Zophar321. Jamal actually invited Jake to audition for season 1 but Jake declined, a decision that has haunted him all year.

Gamer number 3 is Tunesha Davis who carries the gamertag xCHICKAMUNGUSx. She is in contention to be a Frag Doll and has attended tournaments in MLG and CPL. One of the subscribers to her YouTube account is none other than Season 1 contestant and seasoned YouTuber Swoozie. She seems to have a sweet tooth for both shooting and fighting games.

You can vote for any of the three at wcgultimategamer.com. Remember you can only vote once every sixty minutes on whichever device so make sure you use them wisely.

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