Battlefield Arcadia XV

Last weekend I have attended Battlefield Arcadia XV. I played both the Tetris Party and Street Fighter IV tournaments. In practice I seem to produce better results for Tetris than I do in Street Fighter. In SF I tend to  get frustrated and play worse when I’m behind. In Tetris I don’t have the problem. If I lose a game in Tetris I just keep playing.

The Tetris Party tournament had 8 people, obviously not as much as the Street Fighter tournament. I think I played well for my first Tetris tournament. I made third place, only losing matches to the first and second place finishers. In those two losses made some errors in stacking that wound up costing me big time. I have definitely learned how to play under the pressure of tournament play (at least for Tetris).

Next is the Street Fighter IV tourney. When it was time for me to play I had to face a Blanka. What happened in the match? Well, this happened:

When I lost the first fight in the match I suppose I lost my cool and played Blanka even worse. My frustration apparently carried over to a match I had with a Rose player because I kept making vital errors and crapped out the tourney early.

I stayed around and saw some pretty good matches from would-be competitors for East Coast Throwdown. You can catch some of the matches on And congratulations to Sanford Kelly who took down Arturo Sanchez in the finals. It was nice watching the action up front and I look forward to going to another Street Fighter tournament in NYC soon.


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