Happy Birthday PAC-MAN!

Ever sent a video game character a birthday card? Well today is a good time to start. Pac-Man is turning 30. And if any video game character deserves a birthday card, it’s definitely gold wonder.

Pac-Man was released in Japan on May of 1980 with birth name Puckman, describing his round body, and then later in US with his more popular name. Pac-Man was tremendously popular in arcades in the 1980’s and was hard to get away from. Not only did Pac-Man create the maze genre, making ways for “clones” like Lady Bug, Thief, and Mouse Trap, he inspired a hit song, cartoons, toys, cereals, and other countless pieces of merchandise. A huge number sequels and spin-offs cashed in on the craze. The most notable follow-up by far was American-born Ms. Pac-Man, which even outsold her better half.

Pac-Man’s birthday does not come without presents. Google honored the video game phenom by putting up an interactive version of their homepage where you can chase Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde through a maze in the shape of a the search engine’s name. And to top it all off the International Video Game Hall of Fame announced it Pac-Man as their first video game inductee.

Here’s how the birthday cards comes into play. Walter Day took it upon himself to start a Facebook page encouraging everyone to send off birthday cards for Pac-Man so they can be presented as part of the induction ceremony.

So If you are interested in sending Pac-Man a card, go to http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123718307651762 and send them to the posted address. Edible gifts not recommended.

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