Some Weekend

Well the past weekend have been quite interesting, to say the least.

This weekend was East Coast Throwdown 2 in NJ. They had a stream, but I missed a lot of it because of work. I did get to see some of it on both days. I like the action but it wasn’t as satisfying as seeing the whole thing. I’ll settle for watching the matches on YouTube.

Saturday before work I was filling up a tape before I send it out. Some of the scores I’m quite proud of but there is a certain one I that I’ve really put my heart and soul in. I know this my seem arrogant but I see it as a milestone. Well we’ll see once it gets verified.

Sunday was the last day for the WCG Ultimate Gamer polls. The final results were pretty much a landslide: 54/23/23 giving Jake the win over Dana and Tunesha. Some people are getting salty about how Jake got over half the vote. But he DID campaign hard the whole week. He had T-shirts. T-Shirts!

Well, I still have some stuff to do and I don’t have much time to waste. I’ll let everyone know when my new scores are up.

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