Different Levels of a Gamer

I written this list to briefly describe the different levels one could achieve in a video game. Please take note that this by no means an exact scale and it doesn’t cover in-between stuff. So please don’t take it TOO serious and feedback is welcome.

Base level This level covers anyone who has zero familiarity with a game or any similar titles. They are often clueless and cannot beat anyone with even moderate experience. The base level don’t stay base level for long once they sit down and learn the very basics. Otherwise they are not interested in that particular title and only play when forced to by their friends.

Leisure Level People who plays the game often and simply for the love of it. They know the basics and often play for fun. They are not to concerned about their win rate or their highest score. They call some friends over to play some friendly matches. Nothing for blood. Just fun. But sometimes the leisure level wants to take their game to the next level.

Competition Level Most player will be in either the Base or Leisure level. Only a handful from that bunch are able or willing to take it to the next step. A competition level gamer has by far a deeper grasps on the basics and fundamentals. He doesn’t mind having his skills tested by other players. In fact, the competition level gamer wants to get tested. They pretty much have no fear and will take on anyone, even at those at a higher level.

You mean there is a higher level? Why yes. That would be…

Master Level This level is virtually flawless in execution. When you are on this level very few, if any, can match you. You are pretty much the expected to win any event you  are in. You will be respected, you will be hated, you will be copied.

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