First to Pass 20 in Wii Sports Baseball!

Remember that score I said I sent in that I was ultra proud of? It got verified yesterday!

Over the weekend I taped a Wii Sports Baseball game where I scored 24-0 against the computer. I am the very first gamer to have a verified 20+ Wii Sports Baseball Blowout score with Twin Galaxies.

I also have a 20 point Wii Sports Resort Basketball 3-on-3 score from last year to go with that. I am calling my accomplishments the Wii Sports 20/20 blowouts, first ever gamer to have that in TG.

And to top everything off, I have my very first Tetris World Record! I recorded a 31.28-second CPU battle. I’ve been looking to get a Tetris record. Now I finally have one!

I have some more score to be verified so be on the lookout for those, too!

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