Alexey Pajitnov Talks Tetris

Today Gamasutra posted an interview with Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov about the immense success of his brainchild and how he is involvement in the releases of the modern Tetris games. He also dwells a little in blatant Tetris copycats and modern puzzlers like Bejeweled. Go over to to read the whole piece!

E3 2010

E3 is one probably the one thing gamers turn to before making pre-orders. Some amazing hardware and software have appeared on the show over the years and this year is no exception. I picked out the stuff that interested me.

Xbox 360 Slim This is interesting. A lighter 360 with built in Wi-Fi! Sing me up. Now it’s possible to get all three systems wireless ready out of the box! I might pick up a slim 360 for myself. 🙂

Nintendo 3DS I think this handheld will have a good run. Star Fox 64 3D has caught my eye. I’m also interested in seeing how Street Fighter IV plays on this.

Wii-Riding – After the all the crap Nintendo received for straying away from the straight line for motion control, Microsoft and Sony finally tries to capitalize on the Wii’s success.

Xbox 360’s Kinect (once known as Project Natal) is going for no-controller gameplay via a camera thingy. I think it could well if done right. Sony’s PlayStation Move, however, isn’t too convincing. I mean it looks like the made it just so they could pack it with the PlayStation Eye, a device that hardly left the shelves as a stand-alone. *sigh* moving on.

NBA Jam I was alway exited about this game the moment I heard it was being made for the Wii. There will be some haters who will say this game should be on the 360 and or PS3 (boo hoo). But this game won “Best Sports Game in IGN Best of E3 so its pretty much fine as it is.

GoldeEye 007 I owned the original game on the N64 so the new version on the Wii got my attention. I not sure if it will live up to the first GoldenEye but we’ll see.

There was a lot of nice stuff at E3 and I’m sure a lot of people will be looking forward to these new toys’ release.

Bit by the Tetris Bug

Yesterday was my birthday. Spent with an amusing day of training for work. Well I did manage to give myself a birthday present. The gift of immense progress of my own Tetris skills.

My Tetris run during Funspot weekend got me bit by the Tetris bug. I have recently got a copy of Tetris Party Deluxe and played it like my life depended on it. I noticed that I had some rough edges in my execution. Pretty much whenever I was on the train or bus I was practicing.

I also did a little bit of The bronze rooms were pushovers but I got plastered when I moved up to the gold room. I’m not used to keyboard controls. Give be the good ol’ A and B buttons with the + Control Pad.

I also searched for some tips on sites like I came across a post about learning to rotate in the right direction instead of using a single button. That’s extremely important to know when to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise so you don’t take three spins when you should use only one. I slow myself down during practice so I can learn this valuable technique.

Yesterday on my birthday on the train to work I was playing the level 5 CPU. I beat it twice during the hour long trip! Just a while back I would be lucky to beat it once per day let alone twice in an hour.

The focus has definitely paid off. I feel that I can play Tetris better than I ever had in the past. Hopefully in my next Tetris tourney I can finish higher than 3rd place.

Signing off now. May the Tetris God look over you. 🙂

WCG Shootout

I decided to go to WCG Shootout on June 26-27 At the Sumsung Experience. The “main event” will be CounterStrike but I will be going up there for the Modern Warfare 2 FFA tourneys (one on Saturday and one on Sunday).

I have been practicing the FFA on Xbox Live public matches but that’s not really good practice since I everybody will pick what they want in regards to weapons. What I really want to do is organize a private match where I can practice on the actual tournament section.

If anyone wants to help me practice please email me at Royal_Lance[at] Seriously, I wanna win a monitor!

Examiner Aftermath

When that article about my Soul Calibur IV score got put up, I had got quite a response. The comments have been supportive for the most part. I did get one challenge from a random player. And I got an “LOL” from Jeremy “Black Mamba” Florence, the guy who won the official tournament for the same game on G4.

I know that because of this record (and the other records I have) that I would be labeled as somebody with no life, although my life outside of gaming provides me less time for gaming than some of my competitors. Shoot,  I broke Anthony Palmer’s score with less than an hour of effort. But I guess could take any incoming hate as payback for discrediting Mamba’s win on G4 a few years back.

What people don’t understand is that shooting for a high score in a fighting game may not have the same skill set as  playing against another player in that same game, but it does have a skill set. I didn’t just pick up the FightStick and hack away. I had to stick to my gameplan and execute with little room for error. The score I have up can’t reached by playing “normally”.

Well I can’t spend too much time worrying about my gaming talent. I still have lots of things I want to do yet not enough time to do them. :/

Mortal Kombat Rebirth

Yesterday a viral video has appeared, simply titled Mortal Kombat. The video-game inspired short film featuring Michael Jai White as Jax, had been spreading like crazy. It has many people wondering whether or not Warner Bros., the current owners of the Mortal Kombat franchise, were behind it.

Well, the short wasn’t from Warner Bros. It was more like to Warner Bros.

Star Trek Voyager star Jeri Ryan (Sonya in the said video) admitted on her Twitter that it wasn’t an official trailer for a movie or a game but it was produced independently by Kevin Tancharoen, the director of the Fame remake. It was made to show WB a vision of a darker, grittier, MK, defecting completely from the theme of last two Mortal Kombat films.

Being a teen who had seen both Mortal Kombat movies who is now almost 27, I like this new take on MK franchise. It has been a well thirteen years or so since the last Mortal Kombat movie, and trying to carry over the previous theme now is pretty much pointless. MK has a new owner and there should be a movie that reflects that.

Personally I hope Warner Bros. has its eye on this video take a hint form this.

One more thing. Did I mention that Michael Jai White is an accomplished martial artist? (hint hint)