What? Mad Catz is Evolving…

Video game accessory maker Mad Catz was once known for making crap and ripping off first party controllers and rubberizing the grips. But now they are pretty much close to being the top name in third-party products, if they aren’t so already.

Around the American release of the first version of Street Fighter 4, Mad Catz released three different SF-licensed controllers, the FightPad, the regular FightStick, and the FightStick Tournament Edition, The FightPad did well in sales, but the TE FightStick, which consists of genuine arcade parts, sold out almost instantly everywhere upon its first run. In the competitive Street Fighter scene, where playing with homemade arcade sticks was once common, Mad Catz’s TE sticks have won the praise of both American and Japanese players.

Earlier this year, capitalizing on the TE Stick’s popularity, Mad Catz has a sponsorship deal with Daigo Umehara, who is the current SF champion. Some critics wonder why didn’t the American company sign and American player. Well you have to remember that Mad Catz has pretty taken over the American arcade stick market and are planning to take their sticks to Japan, where they do NOT have the Street Fighter license. Daigo will help close the gap with Hori, which a done exceptionally well in its home country of Japan.

Just this week announced a full buy out of headset maker Tritton Technologies . That brand is not as popular as the leading Turtle Beach or Astro, but then again that would have described Mad Catz’s status a few years back.

And just recently Mad Catz announced themselves as an official sponsor for Major League Gaming. They also said they would be working on cranking out MLG-branded accessories.

With all the recent success and major deals in front of its desk, Mad Catz are on pace to be the accessory big dog. And the company has its sights set on not only one section of the gaming but on all the targets on the range.


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