FunSpot 12

I made a last minute decision to make the trip up north for Funspot 12 with Triforce and Q. It was for the first time in a long time I actually had a relaxing weekend for a change. I was sort of nervous during the ride buy overall I was calmed for a change. We didn’t show up with as much people but I think it somehow benefited my relaxation throughout the weekend.

We showed up late into day 2 (Friday). A lot of crowd were surprised to see us show up. Couldn’t blame them. I thought I wasn’t gonna show up. Triforce went straight to work on improving his record scores. I hit a few different cabinets as part of my leisure regimen. Q vowed to stay her ass in our hotel room, only to later show her face to play some of the vintage games.

After Funspot closed for the day there action still continued. We went JoJo Simoncelli’s cottage at Sun Valley and we got some Some Street Fighter IV in. After Street Fighter we organized an 8-player tournament for Tetris Party. I displayed how I became a record holder for that game and came away with third place. The tournament made me wish there were more Tetris tournaments to go to.

On Saturday I decided to try the official tournament games. Honestly, I’m not strong in the older arcade games, especially the lesser known and available ones, but I still enjoy playing them. I did better than I thought I would with Ring King, though. I wonder if it was my  Fight Night experience I lasted longer than I expected. David Nelson’s score, however, destroyed mine (and everyone else’s).

Once FS closed up it was time for a Street Fighter tourney at the EMP room. I was juggling playing UFC and SF at the same time. Triforce and J.D. got first and second once again. I wasn’t that lucky.

Sunday was the final day and the competition were trying to up their scores. At the end of it all, David Nelson won the main tournament. Michael Sao Pedro won the Manufacturer’s Challenge (Universal). Jeffery Ruehs was the top player in the Sega After Burner Challenge. Matt DuBrey, John McAllister, Eric Geddes, and Nik Meeks won the Mystery Games of the Day respectively.

Congratulations to all the tournament winners and to anyone who has set a World Record over the weekend.


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