Mortal Kombat Rebirth

Yesterday a viral video has appeared, simply titled Mortal Kombat. The video-game inspired short film featuring Michael Jai White as Jax, had been spreading like crazy. It has many people wondering whether or not Warner Bros., the current owners of the Mortal Kombat franchise, were behind it.

Well, the short wasn’t from Warner Bros. It was more like to Warner Bros.

Star Trek Voyager star Jeri Ryan (Sonya in the said video) admitted on her Twitter that it wasn’t an official trailer for a movie or a game but it was produced independently by Kevin Tancharoen, the director of the Fame remake. It was made to show WB a vision of a darker, grittier, MK, defecting completely from the theme of last two Mortal Kombat films.

Being a teen who had seen both Mortal Kombat movies who is now almost 27, I like this new take on MK franchise. It has been a well thirteen years or so since the last Mortal Kombat movie, and trying to carry over the previous theme now is pretty much pointless. MK has a new owner and there should be a movie that reflects that.

Personally I hope Warner Bros. has its eye on this video take a hint form this.

One more thing. Did I mention that Michael Jai White is an accomplished martial artist? (hint hint)



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