Examiner Aftermath

When that Examiner.com article about my Soul Calibur IV score got put up, I had got quite a response. The comments have been supportive for the most part. I did get one challenge from a random player. And I got an “LOL” from Jeremy “Black Mamba” Florence, the guy who won the official tournament for the same game on G4.

I know that because of this record (and the other records I have) that I would be labeled as somebody with no life, although my life outside of gaming provides me less time for gaming than some of my competitors. Shoot,  I broke Anthony Palmer’s score with less than an hour of effort. But I guess could take any incoming hate as payback for discrediting Mamba’s win on G4 a few years back.

What people don’t understand is that shooting for a high score in a fighting game may not have the same skill set as  playing against another player in that same game, but it does have a skill set. I didn’t just pick up the FightStick and hack away. I had to stick to my gameplan and execute with little room for error. The score I have up can’t reached by playing “normally”.

Well I can’t spend too much time worrying about my gaming talent. I still have lots of things I want to do yet not enough time to do them. :/

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