Bit by the Tetris Bug

Yesterday was my birthday. Spent with an amusing day of training for work. Well I did manage to give myself a birthday present. The gift of immense progress of my own Tetris skills.

My Tetris run during Funspot weekend got me bit by the Tetris bug. I have recently got a copy of Tetris Party Deluxe and played it like my life depended on it. I noticed that I had some rough edges in my execution. Pretty much whenever I was on the train or bus I was practicing.

I also did a little bit of The bronze rooms were pushovers but I got plastered when I moved up to the gold room. I’m not used to keyboard controls. Give be the good ol’ A and B buttons with the + Control Pad.

I also searched for some tips on sites like I came across a post about learning to rotate in the right direction instead of using a single button. That’s extremely important to know when to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise so you don’t take three spins when you should use only one. I slow myself down during practice so I can learn this valuable technique.

Yesterday on my birthday on the train to work I was playing the level 5 CPU. I beat it twice during the hour long trip! Just a while back I would be lucky to beat it once per day let alone twice in an hour.

The focus has definitely paid off. I feel that I can play Tetris better than I ever had in the past. Hopefully in my next Tetris tourney I can finish higher than 3rd place.

Signing off now. May the Tetris God look over you. šŸ™‚

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