E3 2010

E3 is one probably the one thing gamers turn to before making pre-orders. Some amazing hardware and software have appeared on the show over the years and this year is no exception. I picked out the stuff that interested me.

Xbox 360 Slim This is interesting. A lighter 360 with built in Wi-Fi! Sing me up. Now it’s possible to get all three systems wireless ready out of the box! I might pick up a slim 360 for myself. 🙂

Nintendo 3DS I think this handheld will have a good run. Star Fox 64 3D has caught my eye. I’m also interested in seeing how Street Fighter IV plays on this.

Wii-Riding – After the all the crap Nintendo received for straying away from the straight line for motion control, Microsoft and Sony finally tries to capitalize on the Wii’s success.

Xbox 360’s Kinect (once known as Project Natal) is going for no-controller gameplay via a camera thingy. I think it could well if done right. Sony’s PlayStation Move, however, isn’t too convincing. I mean it looks like the made it just so they could pack it with the PlayStation Eye, a device that hardly left the shelves as a stand-alone. *sigh* moving on.

NBA Jam I was alway exited about this game the moment I heard it was being made for the Wii. There will be some haters who will say this game should be on the 360 and or PS3 (boo hoo). But this game won “Best Sports Game in IGN Best of E3 so its pretty much fine as it is.

GoldeEye 007 I owned the original game on the N64 so the new version on the Wii got my attention. I not sure if it will live up to the first GoldenEye but we’ll see.

There was a lot of nice stuff at E3 and I’m sure a lot of people will be looking forward to these new toys’ release.


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