The Wii Games are Coming

It looks like Nintendo is stirring the pot of nationwide competitive gaming once again.

Just yesterday Nintendo announced the Wii Summer Games which will start July 16 in theme parks, shopping mall, etc. around the US. If recall correctly this is the first time in about 15 years Nintendo is doing something of this maginitude, the earlier ones  being the Nintendo “World” Championships (which really means just US) and Nintendo PowerFest.

This competition will consist of divisions of two-player teams based on age group and one family division of four player teams, two adults and two kids. These teams will test their skills in Hula Hoop in Wii Fit Plus, Basketball and Bowling in Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart Wii, and Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The top teams will later be flown to Los Angeles to play in the finals. Prizes for first place will include a TV with surround sound system, Netflix for a year, a black Wii and spot on Nintendo’s Nationwide ads. First place family team will get a Caribbean cruise.

I have great interest in participating in this event. Hope I can find a partner in time…


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