Learning to get better in Tetris

I have been watching this match where I took a hard loss. That video was before I have found out about HardDrop. Looking at it know there were SO many spots I could snagged a victory.

After studying the posts at HardDrop.com I practiced the different techniques I learned in hopes to become better. One key thing I learned so far is the importance of the T-Spin double in multiplayer. In Tetris Party Deluxe if you perform a Tetris (clearing four lines at the same time), that sends four line of garbage to your opponent while a normal double (two lines at once) shoots out only one line. A T-Spin Double, howver, send the same number of lines to your opponent and has back to back capabilities like the Tetris. The TSD is good for putting pressure on your opponent(s). Hard Drop’s Blink is an example of someone who can use T-Spins to drop extra lines of garbage and finish off his opposition much quicker than one would without it.

The are quite a few different strategies I need to master before I can improve. T-Spinning is just one of them. Hopefully everything will start falling in to place soon.


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