The Big Bang: One Month Away!

There is about a month remaining before IVGHOF’s Big Bang on August 5-8. And the inductee list (along with other everything else in the event) has gotten bigger.

There have been some new stuff added to the event.  There will be tournaments that covers Quake, Street Fighter, Mario Kart, etc. There is also Gamer of the Year Tournament. Not much had been revealed yet, but it was dubbed as “IVGHOF’s answer to WCG Ultimate Gamer.

As for the current inductee list, the are about 30 inductees as of right now. Of course there are members of the industry such as Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and the Xbox design team. When it come to gaming champions you will find some familiar faces such as Billy Mitchell and Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel but you will also some not-so-well-known talent such as Chris Mansfield, who has a World Record for the game Kicker (Shaolin’s Road),  Tutankham champ Rob Barrett, and Eric Akeson, who masters the Turbo version of Ms. Pac-Man. Speaking of which Pac-Man is also being inducted to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

Want to listened to some music what at The Big Bang? IVGHOF’s got you covered. There will be 10 or so band playing 9 hours of music throughout the festival.

To see the full inductee list, or to find out more about the other events in The Big Bang. Go to


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