WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 Trailer is here!!!

I just saw the trailer for season two of WCG Ultimate Gamer and I must say this trailer is very interesting. I recognized a few faces on there, although that would most likely not mean much to a completely new viewer. Some people are already making prediction on who will place where. I’m not gonna do that because you tend to shoot yourself in the foot as the show progresses.

I also can see all the drama complaints coming but hey, it’s reality TV. Producers practically manufacture all the drama for that genre of show. So if you can’t stand reality TV the you most likely won’t like this show.

I noticed a few Wii games in there. Odd. When I audition and told them that Wii was my preferred platform the casting director said, “Well this is 360 here.” Meh.  I doubt any of the contestant’s Wii skills are even near my level and you all can quote me on THAT!
Well, overall the season looks very interesting and I’m looking forward to watching it next month.

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