Putting the Pieces Together

Work have been very stressful for me recently with no signs of stopping. So stressed I can’t really focus on other stuff… except for puzzle games.

I don’t know why but it right now playing a puzzle game is the one of the things that can calm me. When I play, I hardly think of the hell that is my job until my break ends. I’m not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign but I’m not complaining.

I been getting some Puzzle League in recently. I my chaining abilities are coming back slowly. The first gameplay footage I posted on my own YouTube was a Puzzle League game.

Last weekend I won that tournament for Tetris Party Deluxe on the Wii. I beat most of the crowd with simple two-wide combos and Tetrises. Ironically, I didn’t get the right practice because I had a packed weekend. When I shared the news on Hard Drop I got a few remarks if any of my opponents were actually good of if they knew T-Spins, 3-wides, etc. I brushed it off. I know I have a long way before I can call myself a contender in Tetris but I am will to put the work in.

I have been into another puzzle game as of late, Puzzle Quest 2. It combines puzzle game and RPG elements, not only do you have to worry about how each move affects you but how your moves affect your opponent. I could go on with the depth of this game but the that would need its own post.

Yup, puzzles seem to be my thing right now. Not sure if this will be permanent. We’ll see once my stress at work dies down. 🙂


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