There have been two events I have been following last weekend, Big Bang and the Classic Tetris Championship. Both were successful in their own right. There was STILL bad talk a week after but it’s pretty much the vocal minority. I wish I could have gone to either of these events but I didn’t have the vacation time. Hopefully next I will be able to attend at least one of those events and they won’t fall on the same weekend.

I have officially purchased my first ever Madden game. And when I play it shows that it was my first Madden game. I played some online matches. I would have had my first victory online if it wasn’t for a rage quit. I did get to play Scott Patterson in a game. I decided to Go with the Eagles  see how he can handle my Michael Vick scramble. I was close to winning at one point but PSP’s experience gave him the advantage, and the win. He messaged me saying that I did good mixing up with scrambles and what not. Just give me a few more months with this game…

I have finished my first DVD of scores. Pretty much means I I don’t have to blow money on tape. The scores on there the DVD are pretty much all games I have never submitted for thus far. I have had some great comments about my gameplay. Hopefully I those comments keep coming whit these new scores.

I have another Tetris tournament next weekend so I will definitely practice for a change. These suckers won’t know what hit them. Wish me luck!

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