Ultimate Gamer is Tomorrow!!!!!!!

Well I’m excited WCG Ultimate Gamer is coming back in about 24 hours!

I have been waiting for season 2 for the longest. And from the previews it looks like the contestants play the game they way season 2 SHOULD have played. That in my eye will make season 2 the one that will pull the series into true mainstream. I will look forward every single episode.

The two gamers I will be looking throughout the season will be Justin Wong and Thirstee.

First Justin. Now they say that the best Halo player will take a beating on the Ultimate Gamer. Well we have something similar with Justin, the biggest name in American competitive Street Fighter. I know he plays other games besides fighting. The show’s website lists Magical Drop III as his favorite game. He even made Facebook and Twitter post about Modern Warefare 2. So this will be very interesting how he does in this show.

Now for Jake aka Thirstee. He was the gamer who won his spot on Ultimate Gamer 2 via online poll. I don’t really know to much about this guy besides that he was vouched by Zophar321 (Thirstee has 321 by his GT but it’s not there for his season because it now links to Countdown321). There were some rumors that the polls were fixed in Jake’s favor, but I don’t know. He seems to be adopting the “muti-genre professional” title, something that season 1 contestants Starslay3r and Prod1gy X got heat for using. Others seem to be drinking the Kool-Aid from Thirstee but I’ll hold my thoughts until I see the show and see how he actually does.
Tomorrow the game will be Tekken 6. Looking forward to how everyone does.

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