Why should they pay you?!

I have been seeing a pattern in such petty forum talk. Pretty much people who peek the heads out of Aunt Thelma’s basement and talk about how they should be paid for playing video games.

One question: Why?

Why should a company write you a check for sitting on your kiester and to play a game? Because you did something the CEO’s twelve-year-old niece could do with her eyes closed? Besides for charity, companies don’t go tossing money around without expecting any profit in return.  Even with McDonald’s Monopoly game where they give away a bunch of prizes, they get that money back many times over from suckers buying large fries and Spite to find a Boardwalk to go with their Park Place.

If you really want companies to look at you, you need to make yourself marketable.  Here are some steps:

1: Learn how to communicate like a normal person! No company with serious money wants to “invest” in somebody who can’t function with society. And also, bashing entities that are miles more successful than you won’t help your cause.

2: Be presentable! If you want somebody to give you money do NOT hand them a picture of yourself wearing a T-Shirt with the Corn Flakes Rooster smoking a joint. And having an 8XL body is more that bad enough; please don’t show it off in 2XL gear!

3: Do something relevant! What does that not include? A 12-hour Atari Jaguar score,  bragging about beating a bunch 10-year-olds in for their lunch money, and being a grown man bitching and moaning about how a video game tourney MEANT FOR CHILDREN for only rewarding scholarships instead of cash. If you really want somebody to notice you, play a relevant game, go to relevant tournaments and do well (If you’re really good you should be able to win your money, right?), and start playing relevant people!

Okay. I’m done venting.


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