New York ComicCon

Earlier this month I went to New York Comic-Con/New York Anime Festival (my first time ever going to a Comic-Con). Javits Center was well put into use that weekend.

When I got there I immediately noticed how packed it was. It feels like I waste about a half an hour just to get from one section of the con to another. That was probably my biggest complaint. Besides being packed to the brim. The place was quite enjoyable.

One of the first things I did was visit the Wizards of the Coast booth. It had Magic/D&D Displays and PC’s and 360 running a Magic The Gathering video game. Frag Dolls were there doing challenges. I got to play my favorite Frag Doll Amy/Valkyrie. Amy knew what she was doing because she beat me. At they gave me a code to download the Magic Game.

Now that I played in a video game format I wanted to test my MTG skills with actual cards. I took part in a Magic The Gathering tournament. This was pretty much my first time ever playing the card game. It was a booster draft where we all open up booster packs and use only cards from those packs to form our decks. Although I had limited Magic experience manage to go one out of three in my first match. That still eliminated me but I think I did fine for the most part.

After I was done gaming I went looked at all different thing to look at/play. There were losts of toys, games, comics, etc. And the lines were for these things look like could ask for hours.

Did I buy anything while I was there? Why yes! I picked up a few DVD’s I probably would not have picked up since there are now DVD’s in my area.

Ignoring the inconvenience of moving through a crowd, NYCC was a nice experience! I am looking forward to doing more things at the next NYCC.


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