Lance’s Favorite Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s (Some of Them)

I have been playing quite a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels for quite some time (I know, random). And I have spent time winning cards in single player and testing them out in ranked duels.  There are a lot of good cards to use but the ones below are my some of my favorite. Now remember Decade Duels doesn’t have every card available and the Forbidden/Limited list for the video game is different from the paper card game. With that in mind here is my list of favorites.

Monster Reborn – This card can be used in almost any deck. Is there a monster you lost in a battle? Special Summon it from your graveyard.  Lost a monster from a discard? Special Summon it from your graveyard. Like a monster in your opponent’s graveyard? You can summon that, too.

Brain Control – This card in not the best control changing card in YGO history (that would be Change of Heart), but it’s still useful to in snatching another monsters. Of course you can use the controlled monster to attack but then the monster will just come back to the opponent. It’s best to Tribute the controlled monster or use for a Synchro Summon.

Mirror Force – a good card to have Set when you are on the defensive and some high ATK monsters are about to give you the smack down. When one attacks, just flip it over and BAM! No more big scare monsters.

Allure of Darkness – Each turn you usually draw only one card. But with Allure of Darkness you draw two cards (not counting the one you draw regularly). Just make sure you have a Dark-attribute monster in your hand to remove from play afterwards or else your entire hand gets discarded!

Dark Strike Fighter – The Syncho Monster is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! (Well, I think so.) Not only it has some decent ATK (2600) this card allows you to Tribute any monster and do damage to the opponent equal to the Tributed monster’s level stars multiplied by 200. You can use this to do some extra damage to go with the battle damage. You can also use it to defeat a stall deck, or us it in YOUR stall deck.

Crush Card Virus – This is a very useful trap that destroys any1500+ ATK monster on the field and hand once it activates, and anything the opponent draws his next few turns. Just set this card and have a Monster with 1000 ATK or less on the field ready. When your opponent starts the next turn, flip up Crush Card and Tribute the little monster and watch the magic.

That’s it for the list. I could add more but that would go on forever. Hope the list gets you some ideas.

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