BattleField Arcaida XX

I went to Battlefield Arcadia for the Tetris tournament and (as a surprise to me) Pokemon Puzzle League. I admit not really practicing enough for Tetris but the Puzzle League has caught me off guard completely.

My first match was pretty much a breeze. I think those types of wins make me overconfident. But I’ll take them.

Second match was against Dieminion, a very good Street Fighter player who got 2nd in the SSF4 event. He took game one. I managed to comeback with the next two games.

Winner’s Finals match was against Wayne, my strongest competition. He’s been practicing. He dusted me.

Knocked into losers I play Diemieon In the Loser’s finals. I couldn’t make my magic work. I wound up with third place.

Pokemon Puzzle League went even worse. I hardly touched that game and my defense was extra sloppy. I lost two straight. One to Triforce, one to Wayne.

Well, now I know better than to practice at the last minute. Next time I will be better prepared.

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