Could a Compeititive Gaming Movie Work?

Recently, Jason “The Captain” Barbosa, video pro who has been following competitive game for quite a while, announced on YouTube that he was writing feature length movie about competitive gaming scene. That sounds like a good idea but as we know not all good ideas get good execution. If a pro-gaming-based movie were to happen, there are a few things the Capt’n must do in order for it not to suck. Hope you’re listening, Jay.

Throw in a little old school – The script should make a little throwback to the Golden Age of gaming. Make sense since it’s pretty much the base for today’s competitive gaming.  I’m not asking for thirty minutes of Space Invaders or Elevator Action. Just short scene of where the hero’s mom or dad played in the Golden Era. That’s all.

Add a key rivalry, conflict, etc. – Goes without saying, no movie is exciting when it’s a walk in the park. Create an intense rival between two characters inside – and outside – the gaming arena. Have the hero/heroine receive an eviction notice where he/she is FORCED to play.

Get gamers involved! – Obvious, huh? But yeah, made sure you have competitive gamers read the script and absorb any comments you get from the. When you start searching for a cast, director, please get somebody who appreciates video games. Uwe Boll and Milla Jovovich need not apply. Also having someone who at least knows competitive gaming on as an advisor wouldn’t hurt.

Sugarcoat nothing – Anybody who follows competitive gaming knows that it is not all sunny skies and rainbows. Neither should a movie based on it. Add the shady stuff nobody wants to talk about. The drugs, the sex, the gamers put on their ass. HOLD NOTHING BACK!

Watch poker movies and shows – Some say pro gaming resembles wrestling. I would say it resembles poker more. (I plan on discussing that in a later post.) If you watch poker movies like Rounders and poker shows like Tilt, I think it will pay off big. Rounders and Tilt did not cover up any of the grit and you see the dark side of poker. And they ARE about a game. That should count for something.

That’s it for my personal suggestions for the potential pro gaming movie. Hope Jason follows some of it at least.

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