Review: Bejeweled 3

Title: Bejeweled 3
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platform: PC

A few years before motion control came into play, Bejeweled became a brand that jump-started casual gaming, not forgetting how it’s the only puzzle franchise to truly rival Tetris. With titles on PC, Mac, console, and even cell phones, one can play the game virtually anywhere. After 10 years of success, PopCap comes out with what could be their best version of the prized puzzle game to date. Ladies and gentlemen…Bejeweled 3.

As with any sequel, PopCap’s main concern was to make sure B3 wasn’t Bejeweled 2 plus or Bejeweled Blitz Plus. They pretty much succeeded. While it does use elements from Blitz such as Star Gems and the ability to match and clear gems mid-cascade, there are eight modes in total that will give even the most seasoned Bejeweled vet something challenging.

Classic Mode is pretty much how it sounds. You go through level after level until you use up all your moves. They added an instant replay feature so give that big cascade you just did a second time.

B3’s Lightning Mode replaces B2’s Challenge Mode. It’s a Blitz variant where you use Time Gems to keep the game going and boost your score. The speed clearing is very useful, especially when you reach Blazing Speed.

Zen mode is where you play and the most calming of the other modes. Meant for relaxation rather than competition.

Quest mode takes you through some challenges. The more challenges you complete, the more challenges you unlock. Trust me, they are not all easy.

There are four unlockable modes you can play. They are versions of some of the games in Quest but they are still fun.

Graphic-wise, B3 takes the cake. The visuals look far more appealing than B2 (although B2 is still nice). But couldn’t see B3’s true potential because of my limited graphics card. But if requires a computer upgrade, it shows that PopCap is pulling out every last stop to bring the best looking Bejeweled possible.

If you are a Bejeweled or puzzle fan, you will NOT be disappointed in Bejeweled 3. At the very least, play the free trial. You’ll see the Bejeweled franchise’s still got it.

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