2010 Recap

2010 Has some interesting moments (for me at least). Some stuff I wanna go over.

9 to…11?

Early in the year I pretty much worked two jobs at once: my year round job at drugstore and a marketing job at a tax preparation office. It’s pretty much me walking around town in costume attracting customers. (No I am NOT telling you what the costume was.

Ultimate Gamer? If it ain’t me, it ain’t true.

I actually auditioned for season 2 of WCG Ultimate Gamer. I think I did well enough on the Call of Duty and Street Fighter portions of the audition but and so-so with the interview but I guess they simply did not want a proven Wii gamer, especially when they had a Wii episode. I could say that I was weak in Forza but there were people on the show whose Forza skill was no better than mine. Moving on.

Funspot. Ain’t how it used to be.

I made last minute decision to go Funspot this year. This year’s event wasn’t the same without Todd, Walter, etc. I still had fun. Just not the same.

A new 9 – 5

It took two years of waiting and two different tests, I finally got the got the city job I was after. Not really the dream position but it’s my best paying job to date. There are lows but I just suck it up.

Is New York City Metropolis or Gotham City?

I went to my first New York ComicCon this year. It was nice change of scenery from my everyday life.There were tons of sellers, cosplayers, gamers, etc. Hard to walk around though. Will actually look at the schedule for next year.

Block this!

I actually got my first Tetris tournament win at Battlefield Arcadia. That was very satisfying. I also played at the Tetris Tournament Online. I still need to hone my skills. I have been lousy as of late.

Sleep tight.

Don’t know how else to put it. In order to referee Triforce’s Vs. Super Mario  Bros. Score, he and I literally spent the night at an arcade game dealership. It’s kind ofa kid’s dream to sleep in a room full of arcade games. But yeah I actually did that!

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