Peek at Fight Night Champion

I have been reading up on Fight Night Champion and I like what I’m reading so far.

One thing that has caught my eye is the Legacy Mode where you have to fight your way from to prison circuit up to gold. I know some people could care less about the cut scenes but I’m glad that EA is adding some story to the single player than fight, boost your player, and repeat. I can see myself playing this mode for a while.

Although I didn’t get a chance to play a demo for it yet but I see that EA is trying to improve on gameplay. I like how they are giving arms and legs their own stamina. That should stop players from spamming straight punch against a stunned opponent unpunished. I also see that right stick punchers can just flick the stick to throw hooks or uppercuts instead rotating them.

Now for the reason the game has an M-rating. The visual damage is certainly more brutal. It makes past incarnations of Fight Night and EA Sports MMA look tame. And let’s not forget about the bareknuckle brawls.

I’m excited for this game and I will go into this a little bit better once a demo comes out.


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