Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition for Preorder

A few weeks ago, the upcoming relaunch of Mortal Kombat was announced as one of the games for EVO 2011. With at least one major gaming event hosting this game, some may wonder if there will be any arcade sticks that can be used for competitive MK, like how there are some for Street Fighter.

Of course there is, silly!

A Tournament Edition of the new Mortal Kombat (MK9) can now be preordered. This bundle includes an arcade stick made Performance Designed Products (PDP) in similar fashion to the Mad Catz arcade stick the former was designed specifically for MK. The MK stick also differs from the Mad Catz sticks in terms of parts. The MK stick’s joystick and buttons are from Suzo-Happ, the American equivalent of Sanwa Denshi. The button layout copies that of Mortal Kombat 3. It also has velvet-covered memory foam at the bottom, one something Mad Catz did not provided for their lap players.

Those who preorder MK Tournament Edition bundle will get not only the game and arcade stick but they will get a store-specific Klassic Ninja costume, depending on which website you pre-order it from. If bulky controllers aren’t your thing, you can preorder just the game or a Kollectors Edition featuring Scorpion and Sub-Zero figurines and still get the costumes.


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