Mad Catz Makes a MK-specific FightStick…Panel

In a previous post I mentioned how there will be a Mortal Kombat arcade stick packaged in a tournament edition package. Well I found out that Mad Catz is planning to make a product of their own to Kombat the American-parts stick. And as you can probably tell, that product is not full arcade stick.

Instead of making a MK only FightStick, Mad Catz is selling replacement panel for existing TE FightStick that uses the MK layout instead of Street Fighter. All you have to do take the SF panel off and void  the warranty, put pop out the part from the old panel an put them in the new panel then screw it back on.

Some might find it beneficial being able to switch panels and not having to get a second stick for Mortal  Kombat. But what if you find yourself in an MK tourney and a Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 tourney running side by side? Will there be enough time for a gamer who has to swap panels between matches? I think not. I could be wrong.
Well MK will come out soon so we’ll see if a thin piece of metal can overcome a full arcade stick in competition.


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