IVGHOF Committee Needs Your Help!

The International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum website has recently relaunched with not only a bit of new information about Big Bang 2011 but an open invitation to help out with a very important task.

The IVGHOF committee is asking for public nominations from anyone will it give them. Each person will be able to send a list via e-mail of who they feel is worth being considered to be placed among legends. The committee is asking to pick within these categories: gamer, designer/developer, contributor, game title, and the lifetime achievement award. You can only pick for each category once.

For those who have heard about IVGHOF but have kept the distance, now is the time to get involved. You can tell the committee about a developer who often gets overlooked. You can introduce a neighbor who got an impressive high score.  Or you can even refer the committee to someone you saw on TV. Doing something like this for any kind of hall of fame is rarity and it should not be ignored.

If you want your voice heard go to the nominations page to find out exactly what you need to do. Just remember if you don’t see a name you think that belongs on the ballot, do not blame me.


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