PAX East 2011

Last weekend I went to PAX East, my very first PAX. It was definitely a relief from my pain in the butt work day. Although it wasn’t a picture weekend but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

As if going to PAX East wasn’t enough I managed to get to room with Channel Awesome’s Coldguy and four more roomies. He sensed that he wasn’t too happy I showed up to the hotel too late (not my intention, just some stuff came up) but he should have been used to it. He went to MAGFest and I heard about the stuff that happens there.

When I got to the convention center I decided to go see the opening keynote by Jane McGonigal. I saw her Gaming Can Make a Better World video. Her keynote was amazing and I would recommend any gamer watch it. Later I picked up a copy of her book Reality is Broken and got it signed.

After looking at a few booths and eating a nasty overpriced meal I played in the NBA Jam tournament. I went with LeBron and Dwayne. I ran into a Kobe and Pao. Did not know how to counter the cheapness. Blech.

After a bit more booth hopping I went to the Puzzle Quest 2 tournament. Not really happy with how that was organized. Four people signed up, including me. Three of us showed up. Instead of DQ’in the no-show, tourney staff made me wait for my guy to come while the other two played. After a hefty amount of time I was asked if I wanted to played the two other players since my opponent was no show. Just when I was about to start my match my original opponent showed up. So I had to play my original match about an hour or so later than I should have. Our match was very lengthy and it made the two other people forfeit. So my match pretty much wind up being a the fight for first by default. I did lose the match. I did get a silver medal but I did not feel happy about it. It didn’t feel right.

My Puzzle Quest “tourney” finished in time for me to catch the screening of FRAG. I noticed the people who were at PAX and in the movie weren’t there for the movie. That was when I remembered that the Gamers Gone Wild Party going on. Managed to catch the last few hours and it was madness, top floor and particular.

After the party I went to my hotel. When I got in some drunk women started grabbing my ears. It was hilarious looking back, but it was just awkward at the time.

Next day. Mostly me booth hopping missed the Super Street Fighter IV tourney. Got to play a bit of Mortal Kombat at the WB booth. Can’t wait for that to come out. Got to see King of Chinatown. Good movie. The Q & A was also nice to listen to.

It was running late so I decided to head back to the hotel. Before I went up I saw a familiar gamer who was wasted as she got into cab. I will not say who it was to protect her identity.

On Sunday I entered in the Soul Calibur tournament… only to lose to some random scrub crap.  Decided to get some practice in with a loaner Tetris DS to get ready for the tournament. Practice went well. Probably too well because. I let myself get caught off guard and got knocked out early. Definitely learned that I need to play my A-game all the time.

Before the day was over I got to try out two games I was waiting to play: Gears of War 3 and the new Mortal Kombat. MK’s mechanics seem solid from what I saw. Gears 3 was nice to try out. The Retro Lancer may be the key weapon in that game. We’ll see.

PAX East was great to attend. Wish everyday was PAX. Unfortunately it’s only 3 days.


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