Kong Off Results

This weekend produced quite successful Kong Off at Richie Knuclez Arcade Games. I felt privileged to see all the action up front. No World Records were set in DK but there were some huge scores not to be taken lightly.

Billy Mitchell put up 821,200 points despite lack of practice. That has earned him 8th place.

French “Newcomer” Vincent Lemay posted a 851,900, earning him top five.

King of Kong hero Steve Wiebe was struggling early into the tournament but he posted a massive 986,900 on his last game, giving him second and beating Billy this weekend.

But but the biggest statement came from New York’s own Hank Chien. The Doctor showed off his surgical precision with 994,000.

Congratulations to all the competitors and hope to see every compete again soon.

1st – Hank Chien 994,400
2nd – Steve Wiebe 986,900
3rd – Eric Howard 941,800
4th – Dean Saglio 912,900
5th – Vincent Lemay 851,900
6th – Ben Falls 846,800
7th – Billy Mitchell 821,200
8th – Ben Mazowita 817,800
9th – Mark Kiehl 774,600
10th – Ross Benziger 765,200
11th – Kyle Goewert 702,800
12th – Clayton Brookins 620,600
13th – Dave McCrary 564,800
14th – Steve Sanders 386,400
15th – Richie Knucklez 145,800
16th – Dana Ash 128,200

Results and photo courtesy of EmpireArcadia.com


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