Nintendo Project Cafe Announced

Well we have confirmation the Nintendo is working on the next system, which is to be launched in 2012, codenamed Project Cafe.


Although there are still questions yet to be answered, some of them have been answered. According to IGN, the system’s processor will outperform the PS3. HD and 3D support are definitely in. And it even looks like the new Nintendo will use touch screen controllers!

To read the info about Project Cafe you can look at IGN. I think Nintendo’s been sandbagging.

Royal Lance the New NBA Jam King

It’s official: I’m the current record holder for NBA Jam(Wii) on Twin Galaxies. I did this by beating the computer (on default settings) by 42 points. The old record was 33. Looking forward to setting more records to come.

Defense Does Matter!

In most forms of competition offensive feats seem to be the most sold part. The home run swing, the slam dunk, the knockout punch, or the big time combo followed by a super tend to get more attention than a strikeout against the against a contact hitter, a hand in the face of a three point shooter, a lean that made a match one round longer, or a well-timed throw escape to keep that leads to a championship. This gets me wondering despite how well offense sells, how important defense truly is? Continue reading