Game Day Aftermath

I was in  Brooklyn for the GameDay stream. I am glad that I was able to participate in something that supports International Video Game Hall of Fame. There were a some records broken – including one of mine – and bright spirits lighting up the weekend.

In one of the streams there is a short “history lesson” on why the IVGHOF is so important.

Congratulations to everyone who helped out this weekend.

Game Day: Be There!

This Memorial Day Weekend gamers from different parts of the US will be taking part GameDay, a four-day series of web video game streams web streams of featuring at least numerous players participating. All of this will benefit the International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum in Ottumwa, Iowa.

I am also glad to announce that I will be participating in the Empire Arcadia stream, which is to be run by Jaxel of Since 8WayRun is a Soul Calibur community I will be doing an Arcade Mode run in Soul Calibur IV. I may play a few other games as well, time permitting.

To find more information about GameDay you can go to

MK 9 Interview on

G4 posted an interview with Justin Wong, Perfect Legend, and Floe, all whom competed in the Mortal Kombat National Tournament run by PDP. I would post the video here but embedding videos from G4 is a pain.