TGFM: Zelda 3DS is not Zelda 64

Read an interesting article featuring Triforce, the guy I stood in line for the Best Buy Nintendo 3DS launch (he was first while I was third) and his findings from an extended demo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS.

In the article Triforce reveals that the 3DS version of OOT will is developed from the ground up instead of being a simple N64 port. That’s nice to hear. He also mentions the there will be new features such as “hot keys” for easier access to weapons, a boss challenge mode where you can fight bosses in the game, and a mode where you see the game in a first person view and the view moves as the 3DS moves.

I’m glad Nintendo invited such a dedicated gamer to try out their game. If I find more info from Triforce about the game I’ll be  sure to sure share with everyone.

(Just two spots short. Damn…)


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