Player Interview: Triforce

Some good news. I managed get a hold of Triforce, who is in San Francisco right now to test a demo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and asked him a few quick questions about his experiences with the revived classic.

Royal Lance: First things first: So how is Nintendo treating you out in the West?

Triforce: Nintendo knows how to treat their fans. The accommodations were great and I was very comfortable.

RLE: Did they offer you to test other 3DS titles, such as Star Fox?

TFGM: Nintendo did not offer to test any other titles. It was strictly and exclusively Zelda for the 3DS. I hope they invite me out there for more titles like Kid Icarus and Star Fox.

RLW: Did Nintendo let you try out anything Project Cafe-related, or is that something that has to wait until E3?

TGFM: Nah. LOL Come on, do you really think that I’m that VIP for Nintendo to show me stuff on Project Cafe? Or did they…?

RLW: Getting invited by Nintendo to demo a game is quite an accomplishment for any gamer. Do you see this as lasting trend for them?

TGFM: I hope so. Only the future can tell and we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the questions on your blog, Lance. I appreciate it.


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