Gears of 3 Beta: So Far So Good.

With the Gears of War 3 Beta waiting to the end, I have a few things I want to say about it the game.

The Gameplay I would like to say that I feel Epic did a good job of maintaining the signature gameplay the Gears series is known for. They manage to add a few things such as the mantle kick and the enemy spotter. The new execution movies are nice to look at. Even the Lancer has its one execution (finally). I know it’s the beta, but if Epic makes the proper tweaks, it could be the best Gears yet.

Rifles – Right now my favorite starting rifle is the chainsaw Lancer. Pretty much a simple rapid fire that has good range most likely will be the choice of gaming leagues. Hammerburst would be in second place with the Call of Duty-like iron sights. Some say that it’s overpowered but my theory is that the extra power is to make up for not being rapid fire. Retro Lancer may be the one of the biggest pain. The range is lousy for a rifle but is the sickly deadly at close range. The bayonet charge can get annoying when it keeps happening to you. Expect a LOT of beginning player go retro.

Shotguns – Veterans will pick Gnasher for it decent mag size. Noobs will pick sawed-off for its ability to anything right in front of it disappear.

Grenades – Smoke don’t knock down but can make you flinch. Ink also makes you flinch, forcing you to take damage. Incendiary can kill on one hit and burns up the floor, something that could be used strategically. Frag has a blast radius that can be underestimated, especially when tagged to the wall or ground.

Power Weapons – Longshot is fun to use as is the Torque Bow and Boomshot. Not a fan of a Mulcher. Diggers have its uses but the growling sound telegraphs it. The buzzing sound of the aiming Oneshot is annoying, but it can rack up some kills.

It was loads of fun playing the Gears of War 3 beta. Can’t wait to buy the actual game!


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