Women get harrassed while gaming…so they get banned.

I have seen, heard, and read some horrible stuff that happens to females while they are gaming but this is probably a low among lows.

Read this interesting post on Kotaku. It talks about a Battlefield LAN party that had some problems with some male gamers saying not so pleasant phrases to the women playing. Instead of throwing out the offenders, the organizers disallow women to play, keeping the LAN “a gentleman’s retreat”.

While many people fight so hard to shed gamer stereotypes like this, a small group of gamers reinforces them. Dammit we just won a Supreme Court case.  Can we please get on the straight and narrow and show the Justices they made the right decision?!

Bonus Life: Extended Play

Yes … Somebody is making another video game documentary.

Bonus Life: Extended Play originally started as a simple blog by high-tier Galaga player Phil Day. It is slowly evolving into a movie covering competitive gaming.

The movie is being produced by Persistent Productions, the people behind the Twin Galaxies Podcast, so I am familiar with their work. I’m glad they are behind a movie.

From what I read this movie will cover not just the classic aspect of competitive gaming but the modern era, too. If  the go to the right places and interview the right people, it could have some potential. Hell, I might send them a few suggestions, myself.

Is Nintendo Sandbagging?

I have been hearing recent uproar about from gamers who are upset over the lack of plans from Nintendo to release the games Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower in North America. Not that much a surprise since they have been doing this since the NES days.

My question for Nintendo is this: Why?! Why keep quality games in only or two regions, especially when gamers are accusing you of not producing quality games? Why not make an effort to build new global brands instead of milking off the old ones, even by repackaging games to make the go with a better-known franchise even when they actually don’t? Can you guy PLEASE give us a break just this once?