Levels of a Gamer Revisited

Last year I made a post about the different levels of video game player.  This post is a slight expansion for of that article. It will help you understand the levels a bit better. I didn’t add include the master level because they are like competition level games but with better execution.

For the explanation I will be using the Bejeweled series. I’m using that game for an example since a lot of people believe it is a “no skill” game. But I digress.

General Strategy

So not to confuse anyone, I will be talking about Bejeweled 2 and 3’s Classic Mode in terms of strategy.

When people play this game some people think hard about what move they will make while others could care less. The more sophisticated the player the more sophisticated the strategy.

Base Level Gamer: I’m gonna look for moves that leads to big cascades so I can rack up points quickly.

Not bad…if you don’t really care about the score.

Leisure Level Gamer: I should start making matches from the top and work my way down. That way the game can last longer.

A smarter approach, but I would add more to it.

Competition Level Gamer:  I will start with matches on top but I will look for chances to make special gems, especially hypercubes.

Not THAT’S how an expert thinks.


Hypercubes are one of the most powerful game in the Bejeweled series. When swapped with a gem it destroys all the gems of that gem’s color. The way it is used depends on the player.

Base Level Gamer: Ooh, a hypercube! I’m gonna use this right away.

I have seen this approach from MANY players who play this game on their cell phone on the train ride to work. Don’t expect those games to last long.

Leisure Level: I need to study which color is best to use on this hypercube so I can make the most points out of it.

A little more sophisticated…

 Competition Level: I will save this hypercube. In fact, I will continue to make hypercube and not use any of them unless I have no other moves.

Very smart. The more Hypercubes you have the longer you can extend you game.

Hopefully this piece educates you on how the different gamers think different things in the same game, and a little more on how my gamer level theory works.

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