EVO 2011 (Top 8 results included)

Well EVO was exiting to watch. There was numerous nail-biting moments. If you saw the stream for a few hours (or was in the crowd while it was happening) you definitely caught a few EVO moments.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 definitely have some YouTube-worthy moments…and not just in the top 8. Japanese players such as Daigo competed in the Marvel series for the first time and American Marvel fans praying for the Japanese players’ demise. An eight-year-old named Noah made some shocking streamed wins against opponents triple and quadruple their age. A handful of Marvel 2 legends such as Sanford and Yipes fall before their due time and we saw countless matches that ended with a woman who couldn’t control it.

Insane Marvel Match: Showst0pper Vs. Daigo

Mortal Kombat had some good matches. But the biggest standout by far is Perfect Legend. Winning Evo’s only Dead Or Alive tournament a half decade ago. Carl comes back with phenomenal Kung Lao tore through foe after foe after foe to get his second Evo title. Crew even came out and put a championship belt on him.

Insane matches: Anything that has Carl in it. But I’ll just post the grand finals.

Tekken 6 was good too look at. Not Soul Calibur but I saw some good action there.

Insane match: Fab Vs. Kor

I have to admit that I’m not to familiar Blaze Blue but I did get to see some of the finals and it was interesting.

Insane match: Lord Knight Vs. Spark

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition had a good deal of matches that kept spectators at the edge of their seats. The most exiting match was probably when Poongko smashed Daigo, helping in part to ending the Japanese legend’s chances of 3 straight victories in the Street Fighter IV series.

Insane match: Poongko Vs. Daigo

That’s it for my post about EVO 2011. Seeing this makes me want to step it up in fighting games and go and compete in fighting games. Hopefully I can see some EVO moments up close and personal…and maybe make some myself.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Winner: Fuudo (Fei Long)
2. Latif (C.Viper)
3. Poongko (Seth)
4. Daigo Umheara (Yun)
5. Kindevu (Yun)
5. Tokido (Akuma)
7. Wolfkrone (C.Viper)
7. Flash Metroid (Zangief, C.Viper)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Winner: Viscant (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix)
2. PR Balrog (Wolverine/Dante/Tron/Amaterasu)
3. Justin Wong (She Hulk/Wolverine/Akuma/Storm/Wesker)
4. Combofiend (She Hulk/Taskmaster/Spencer)
5. Noel Brown (Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma/Phoenix)
5. Filipino Champ (Magneto/Sentinel/Phoenix/Dormammu)
7. X-Ray (Dante/Amaterasu/Magneto)
7. Mine (Wesker/Taskmaster/Phoenix)

Mortal Kombat

Winner: Perfect Legend
2. REO (Mileena)
3. JOP (Raiden/Johnny Cage)
4. Chris G (Reptile)
5. Denzell Terry (Liu Kang)
5. 16-bit (Kitana)
7. OnlineTony213 (Kabal)
7. ATL Redd (Liu Kang)

Tekken 6

Winner: Kor (Bob)
2. NYC Fab (Bob/Miguel)
3. Rip (Law)
4. JustFrameJames (Law)
5. Crow (Bob)
5. Mr. Naps (Bryan)
7. Tokido (Bob)
7. Ryan Hart (Kazuya)

BlazBlu Continuum Shift II

Winner: Spark (Haku-Men)
2. Lord Knight (Litchi)
3. Tokido (Noel)
4. Zong One (Carl)
5. Heart Nana (Makoto)
5. Severin (A-11)
7. DSmoove12 (Noel)
7. Wuku (Hazana)

(Results from Shoryuken.com)


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