A Little Info about Star Fox 64

The release of Star Fox 64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS is approaching fast with a new look to go with the new system. In case this is your first time hearing about SF64 whatsoever, I’ll give you a rundown of what to expect.

Out of everyone who kills for money, they are probably the nicest.

Team Star Fox is team of space mercenaries led by Fox McCloud. His teammates are mechanics specialist Slippy Toad, space veteran Peppy Hare, and ace pilot Falco Lombardi. When things get in to tight for the Cornerian Army General Pepper calls on Star Fox step in … for a price, of course.

Interplanetary domination is a science.

Andross is a scientist whose experiments were so bizarre they have earned him exile into planet Venom. Andross’s evil were not halted for he formed an army of his own to go up against Corneria’s. He is also the mind behind the capture and murder (?) of Fox’s father James.

Still need proof that Shadow The Hedgehog is not that original?

Star Fox are no ordinary soldiers that can be easily taken out easily by Andross’s regular forces. This is where Star Wolf comes into play. Led by Wolf O’Donnell, they are team of 4 mercs like Star Fox except they are on the other side of the war. Out of Wolf’s three wingmates , Leon is probably the one most loyal to him. (Pigma Dengar and Andrew Oikonny seem to have their own separate reasons for fighting on the team.)

Ship happens.

The Arwing is the signature fighter ship of the Star Fox Team. To set it apart from other ships, this bad boy can be fitted with twin lasers and has a capability to do snappy barrel rolls and nimble somersaults. When the Arwings are damaged from battle Slippy repairs them, most often his own. The two other vehicle that can be used in this game are the Blue Marine submarine and the hovering and rolling Landmaster tank.

The choices are yours and yours alone.

In SF64, there more than one path to Venom. You can alter your route by completing certain tasks on your missions such as protecting the Great Fox mother ship from missiles and beat Star Wolf. You will see all this missions playing the game once. (Venom has two missions!)

Some (un)friendly competition.

The original SF64 have a nice fun Vs. Mode and SF643D is no different.  On second thought, the 3DS version is a lot different. The mode is revamped with even more features like new stages, homing missiles, and cloaking devices.  Whether you played it on the Nintendo 64 or will be playing your first Star Fox game with SF643D, you will find something you like.

Star Fox 64 3D will be out on Friday (September 9). Make sure you pick it up.


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